During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. Kristin experienced this misery, yet still managed to touch many lives and even in death continues to help others find help for their depression.
The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was created to help those in crisis find help and hope immediately. The site and her story gives you a raw, personal glimpse into depression, and how it affects those around you. In addition, you will find the only clear, step-by-step path for you to follow out of the darkness. There is hope and you can feel happy again! If you need to speak with someone right now call: 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433)

Alive! Mental Health Fair

The Alive! Mental Health Fair is a program of the Kristin Brooks Hope Center. It was created to provide an interesting educational suicide prevention program aimed at college students. The fair has visited 25 colleges so far and each event has been a huge success! The onsite counselors are amazed at how this event, like no other before, helps them start the conversation about suicidal prevention with the students.

Most people do not know that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students.

Alive! Mental Health Fair includes several one going and time-specific exhibits. There is an Art Therapy and a hands-on Graffiti Exhibit where each student is able to create their own art expression on a large canvas. The canvas is pre-populated with a theme customized for each campus.

We screen "A Reason To Live" Documentary which depicts young suicidal adults grappling with life and death issues and how crisis interventionists help them.

In addition, there is a Create-Your-Own-Secret Exhibit, where blank postcards are sent to each campus in advance of the fair's arrival so that students can write their secrets in advance and then come and look at their own and other secrets put on display at the fair.

Lastly, there is a 1-hour suicide prevention training course in QPR, Question Persuade and Refer, on how to ask a friend or someone you are concerned about if they are suicidal, how to persuade them to get help, where to find that help and take them there. Counselors invited from the host college will be on hand to meet and speak to the students.

Download the Alive! Mental Health Fair one-sheet document (PDF)
Download a blank PostSecret postcard to print and share your secret!

To see the promo poster for the fair, click here.

Campus Activities Magazine article on the Alive Mental Health Fair (PDF 39MB)

We are now booking the Alive! Mental Health Fair
at college campuses for the Fall of 2011
and Spring of 2012.

Questions about the fair? Please contact [email protected]

Upcoming Event Dates:

09.06.11 - Gillette College
09.07.11 - Sheridan College

09.09.11 - Keuka College
09.22.11 - Viterbo University
09.26.11 - PSU-Mont-Alto
10.11.11 - PSU- Beaver
10.12.11 - PSU Greater Allegheny
10.13.11 - PSU DuBois
10.14.11 - Westmoreland County Community College
10.18.11 - Northeast Iowa Community College - Calmar
10.19.11 - Lincoln Land Community College
11.01.11 - North East Wisconsin Technical College

Alive! Mental Health Fair trained over 400 students in a one hour Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Course at the following colleges:

09/22/10 - Montana State Univ-Bozeman
09/23/10 - Montana State Univ-Bozeman
09/30/10 - Penn State Abington
10/01/10 - Connecticut College - New London
10/13/10 - Penn State Greater Allegheny
11/03/10 - Hudson County Community College
03/31/11 – Alvernia U. Redding PA
04/27/11 - Chesapeake C.C. Wye River MD

Download this video (Quicktime file zipped, 100MB)

Alive! Mental Health Fair 10/1/10
Hudson Community College


Alive! Mental Health Fair 11/3/10
Connecticut College

Graffiti wall

Postcard display


Alive! Mental Health Fair 9/30/2010
Penn State - Abington

Over 100 students write and painted graffiti style on this canvas!

100+ PostSecret cards created by Abington students - and more keep coming!

Suicide warning signs and milestones from the history of 1-800-SUICIDE


Alive! Mental Health Fair 9/22-23/2010
Montana State University-Bozeman

Bozeman Counseling Staff with the finished Graffiti Exhibit

Over 100 students trained in QPR (suicide prevention course)

Mounting the cards at the PostSecret Exhibit

Alive! Mental Health Fair 5/25/2010
Green River Community College, Auburn, WA

Reese Butler at the graffiti art therapy exhibit

Students adding their own graffiti to the exhibit

Students at the PostSecret exhibit

Some of the PostSecret cards created by the students at the fair

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