During depression the world disappears. Language itself. One has nothing to say. Nothing. Kristin experienced this misery, yet still managed to touch many lives and even in death continues to help others find help for their depression.
The Kristin Brooks Hope Center was created to help those in crisis find help and hope immediately. The site and her story gives you a raw, personal glimpse into depression, and how it affects those around you. In addition, you will find the only clear, step-by-step path for you to follow out of the darkness. There is hope and you can feel happy again! If you need to speak with someone right now call: 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433)

March On Washington
September 10th
World Suicide Prevention Day

Join us in the Nation's Capitol for a weekend of training, healing, bonding and sending a message to our lawmakers that we will not allow 18 veterans to die by suicide each day anymore.

Here is the link to register for the following events:

  1. Imalive Network Training Conference-inc. Awards Banquet with Frank Warren - Keynote
  2. March On Washington with (Ret) Colonel Holzworth - keynote
  3. Global Night for Hope - 25,000 Yellow Lightbulbs around the US Capitol - iFred
  4. 8th Annual World Suicide Prevention Day

Please send this link to your friends and supporters of veterans everywhere. Lets maximize the total number of supporters our US Capitol Police Permit allows!

Support our Volunteer of the Week - Ian S.

Why I Am an IMAlive Volunteer

I'm a 21-year-old undergraduate psychology student. My interest in volunteering for IMAlive stems from my personal and professional career interests in helping people who feel alone, people who simply need someone to talk with. IMAlive is doing a wonderful thing: it's leveraging the abundant resource of human compassion, while maintaining professional and ethical responsibilities by training and certifying all of its volunteers. It is an organization of this caliber with which I want to volunteer. Any help that you can provide to help support my training would be greatly appreciated! And more importantly, if you've come to IMAlive in crisis and stumbled upon my profile, there is a way you can support me that would mean more than any monetary contribution: hang in there. There is hope and help out there for you!

Donate $5 here to sponsor Ian's suicide prevention training

Here's what the Hopeline Team did in 2010. Your support is what made it possible!

Our hotlines answered 5,000,000th call from a person in crisis.

We held the 10th anniversary Reason to Live concert in Boston featuring Blue October and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to break stigmas associated with mental illness and suicide.

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We held seven whole day Alive! Mental Health Fairs - our suicide prevention program at college campuses http://hopeline.com/alivemhf.html

We took second place in Chase Commuinity Giving Contest to launch our virtual crisis center IMAlive in partnership with TWLOHA and PostSecret

We held two Pick Up The Phone Suicide Prevention Tours www.putp.org
- 17 city, 23 day Spring tour on the East Coast and
- 21 city, 43 day Fall tour on the West Coast
Thank you, Blue October!

We held two Press Conferences on Capitol Hill with Postsecret Founder Frank Warren , TWLOHA Founder Jamie Tworkowski , 1-800-SUICIDE Founder Reese Butler , Blue October lead singer and songwriter Justin Furstenfeld and U.S. Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA) to raise awareness about suicide in the military and outreach through music.

We held our Please Don't Jump Awareness event in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.
September 22, 2010 was officially recognized as Please Don't Jump Day by the State of California and City of San Francisco www.PleaseDontJump.net

We trained over 400 students at colleges in 1 hour Gatekeeper Crisis Intervention Course .

We helped 170 volunteers from the US, Canada and the UK get trained in 40 hour Online Suicide Intervention Specialist course to become IMAlive volunteers

We HOPE you like what we did in 2010.

To support a volunteer in training to become an Online Suicide Prevention Specialist – click here

To support any of our hotlines (which are free to the public) – click here

Thank you SO MUCH! We couldn't have done it without your support!

Reese Butler and the Hopeline Team

Please Don't Jump - Blue October acoustic act/awareness event

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Hopeline at our Please Don't Jump Event in San Fransisco on September 22, 2010!
Pictures and video will be available shortly!

The Golden Gate Bridge is unfortunately a site of many suicides each year. On September 22, 2010, the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, founder of 1-800-SUICIDE, is asking you to join them at the bridge to fight suicide and ask people "please don't jump."

"On Tuesday, Supervisor David Campos introduced a resolution that supports the founders of a group known as 1-800-SUICIDE who have created an event known as "please don't jump," and would recognize Sept. 22 as "Please Don't Jump Day" to raise awareness about suicide and prevention, and public health solutions, Campos said." Read more at the San Francisco Examiner.

Please Don't Jump Day in the News

Join the Kristin Brooks Hope Center, band Blue October, speakers from the Bridge Rail Foundation, and the friends and family of those who have lost someone on the bridge from 12-1 pm. There will be a live acoustic set by Blue October as well as several speakers and special exhibits.

Wednesday, September 22, 12pm - 1pm
West Bluff Amphitheater
Crissy Field
San Francisco, CA

For more information go to the Facebook page.

Support our Veterans!

World news: Last U.S. combat team has just left Iraq. Our deepest gratitude goes to the military men and women who have spent months and years defending our homeland. They are finally coming back home.

Sadly, many of the veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder and won't be able to adjust back to civilian life.

If you are a veteran or you know someone who came back from active duty and has trouble with memories and experiences of the war - please call our hotline at

If you are a veteran, and would like to support your fellow combatants by providing a few hours of online support every month , please email [email protected] . We provide free training and it will help dozens of men and women heal and go back to daily activities with their loved one.

For only 33¢ a day support our hotlines and help train peer to peer veteran volunteers .

Help us to save lives
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Please Don't Jump

This postcard says:

I have lived in San Francisco since I was young. I am illegal. I am not wanted here. I don't belong anywhere. This summer I plan to jump off the Golden Gate.

Join the Facebook group "Please Don't Jump"

pick up the phone tour
Download our Information Deck for the PUTP Tour (PDF)

Find us at these sites:

Community Crisis Centers Saving Lives: calls to 1.800.SUICIDE